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459 Kč

A fine and balanced merlot with an attractive charisma and aromas of plums, cherries, cocoa, cinnamon and hazelnut.Vintage 2018

Code: 340
469 Kč

A carefully blended mixture of white wine from four varieties full of freshness, elegance and most importantly created in honor of love.

Code: 334
Muratie Isabella Chardonnay NV
529 Kč

Muratie Isabella Chardonnay delights with its freshness, classic elegance and the scent of peach blossoms. On the palate, fruity aromas of melon, stone fruits and citrus fruits...

Code: 337
Muratie GPC Pinot Noir 2018
580 Kč

An original Pinot Noir with a refined taste from South Africa full of a pleasant combination strawberries, cherries, spices and a hint of truffle.South African first-ever Pinot...

Code: 343
muratie ansela
749 Kč

This red blend of four varieties  has a long and pleasant taste thanks to its well-rounded tannins and are among the popular premium wines.Vintage: 2019

Code: 328

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