Muratie Laurens Campher 2020

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Brand: Muratie

A carefully blended mixture of white wine from four varieties full of freshness, elegance and most importantly created in honor of love.
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Muratie Laurens Campher 2020
1 rating
Brand: Muratie
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Chenin Blanc (39%), Sauvignon Blanc (36%), Verdehlo (19%) and Viognier (6%)

A unique blend of medium-bodied white wine from the popular South African Chenin Blanc variety with a smaller amount
Sauvignon Blanc (36%), Verdehlo (19%) and Viognier (6%).
Aged in both new and older French barrels, this carefully blended wine is truly a labor of love.

Laurens Campher was a young German soldier who started farming in Muratie in 1685. This blend is a labor of love,
much like Laurens love for Ansel van de Caab who was a slave. Their love was ultimately rewarding, it delivered
the birth of their three children, the freedom of Ansel, and the development of the farm, which was not officially 
granted to Campher until 1699. WINEMAKERS' COMMENTS Despite all its freshness, elegance and focus, the flavours of the wine are complex and intense, from bright lemon, fresh pineapple and juicy nectarine to a more concentrated lime marmalade, as well as caramel and cream (from barrel fermentation and 11 months of aging in mostly older French oak). The initial impression is floral (intoxicating honeysuckle), but the finish is spicy (there's also a hint of white pepper). You can store and let this unique wine develop for at least five years. Alcohol 14.15%


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