Monday morning blues?? Do you need to recharge after the busy weekend? Are you an active person who is health conscious and interested in the value of minerals and antioxidants? Are you looking for a non-alcoholic refreshing drink? Do you need to calm yourself or your children? Then there is just one answer - Rooibos!

This nutritious tea from South Africa will soothe you with the sweet honey taste and energise you with
the high content of natural antioxidants,
without any caffeine and teins! You can enjoy this great tea warm as classic tea or like a rooibos coffee or cappuccino just without caffeine and with all
the beneficial effects. It is also great for preparing refreshing lemonades. All you have to do is to mix it with ice, fruit or mint and, if necessary,
some syrup. An ideal drink for the whole family.

In South Africa, rooibos is given to young children from the age of 6 months to support digestion and calm sleeping. This tea is also popular amongst pregnant women for its iron content, minerals and overall support.
Almost every restaurant in South Africa offers rooibos coffee or cappuccino, so no one needs to feel guilty drinking
a cup or two of warm cappuccino, plus you can share it with children. Rooibos means red shrub ("rooi" - red and "bos" - shrub). It is a shrub grown in South Africa,
reaching a height of up to 2 meters.
Regular drinking of Rooibos supplies the body with vitamins and minerals and also effectively acts as a support against
headaches, insomnia, depression or even skin problems and allergies. It improves digestion and is good for people
who want to lose weight because it has the ability to suppress the appetite. Rooibos also helps eliminate harmful substances
and thus strengthens the body's overall immunity. In addition, rooibos has a huge advantage over classic tea -
it does not contain caffeine, and not only because of this, it is gaining more and more popularity all over the world today.
Rooibos is also great for supplementing minerals after sports or heavy physical exertion.

Non-oxidized "green" rooibos is also produced, which goes through a more demanding production process, 
similar to the way green teais produced. Green rooibos is characterized by yellow color and natural grass aroma.
Green rooibos also has many positive effects on our health. In South Africa, it is popular to drink rooibos with milk and sugar. Try it too! It is delicious! And we are glad that in the Czech Republic we have finally come across quality African rooibos
in BIO quality at ROOIBOS.BIO!
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