COBB Grills

Get the smallest and safest grill in the world. It is storable and you can safely use it anywhere.

The unique design guarantees efficient use of heat, and in addition to grilling, it also brings the possibility of cooking, roasting,
stewing, smoking or evenbread or pizza baking.
You can have a COBB grill with either gas or coal!
Stainless steel, timeless design and attention to detail are what will enchant you.
You, in turn, can surprise your friends with their favorite food wherever you want.

READY FOR ANY CHALLENGE Get yourself a high-quality portable grill that is modern, safe and ready for all your needs in minutes.

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Relate bracelet
In Stock (>5 pcs)
130 Kč
Code: 1369
1036 57 pot insert 1
440 Kč

Stand for the pot of COBB gas grill.

Code: 211
1045 1 26 cobble stones 5
480 Kč

Cobblestone grill briquettes made from dried coconut shells.

Code: 187
1015 vnitrni rukav
490 Kč

Practical disposable insert sleeve made of aluminum foil - 6 pieces.

Code: 214
994 32 rack 1
COBB Grill Grate
In Stock (3 pcs)
690 Kč

Used for indirect roasting of larger pieces of meat.

Code: 196
1024 3 38 cutting board 3
COBB Cutting board
In Stock (3 pcs)
730 Kč

Bamboo cutting board to keep your food warm and to serve it with a style.

Code: 199
1003 3 grilovaci mrizka
COBB Grill Plate
In Stock (3 pcs)
990 Kč

This COBB Grill is used for grilling and baking in combination with a grill.

Code: 190
988 18 griddle 1
COBB Griddle
In Stock (3 pcs)
1 290 Kč

COBB Griddle is for perfect grilling of meat and vegetables.

Code: 193
1000 pecici panev
COBB Frying Pan
In Stock (3 pcs)
1 390 Kč

Ideal for frying eggs, omelets, pancakes and crispy pizzas and many more ...

Code: 202
991 20 wok frying dish 1
COBB Wok deep pan
In Stock (3 pcs)
1 390 Kč

Versatile pan for sautéing meat and vegetables, stewing, soups, etc.

Code: 205
1042 1 47 1 barbecue set 4 piece with bag 2
1 590 Kč

Elegant and practical 5-piece utensil set for grilling.

Code: 208
979 9 cobb air deluxe
Free shipping
COBB Premier Air Deluxe
In Stock (3 pcs)
5 990 Kč

Portable stainless steel table grill for balcony, terrace, for holidays, for fishermen or for camping.

Code: 181
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