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proq all purpose bbq rub
ProQ All Purpose BBQ Rub
In Stock (>5 pcs)
145 Kč

This unique blend of herbs & spices is the perfect addition to just about any BBQ (or not) dish.

Code: 136
proq beefy bbq rub
ProQ Beefy BBQ Rub
In Stock (>5 pcs)
145 Kč

Perfect BBQ rub not just for your beef dishes!

Code: 139
ProQ Silicone Gromlets
In Stock (>5 pcs)
150 Kč

ProQ Gromlets make crushed and burned BBQ temperature probe wires a thing of the past!  Pack of 4 pieces for 150 KČ

Code: 109
ProQMarinadeInjector Web 1 900x
Marinade Injector ProQ
In Stock (>5 pcs)
195 Kč

Use the ProQ Marinade Injector to inject basting mixtures, marinades, melted butter and other liquid flavourings deep into your food.

Code: 100
ProQ Ulti-Mitt BBQ gloves
In Stock (>5 pcs)
450 Kč

Our ProQ Ulti-Mitt BBQ gloves have five fingers for dexterity and are made from Nomex® which provides unbeatable heat protection and they’re cotton lined for comfort.

Code: 88
580 Kč

Replacement water pan for ProQ BBQ Smokers which has versatile use.

Code: 133
ProQReplacementCharcoalBasket ExcelV4 720x
590 Kč

The ProQ replacement charcoal basket Version 4.0 comes in 3 sizes and is alsocompatible with ProQ Flip'n Grate Swivel Grills. 

Code: 115
ProQ Excel V4 Replacement Stainless Grill 360x
590 Kč

High quality stainless steel grill designed to fit ProQ BBQ Smokers.

Code: 590
650 Kč

Replacement water pan for ProQ BBQ Smokers which has versatile use.

Code: 578
ProQ BBQ Tongs
In Stock (3 pcs)
680 Kč

ProQ BBQ Tongs are the perfect grilling tool! Our tongs are lightweight but capable, they can lift large cuts of meat including whole chickens!

Code: 70
ProQ gril kosik
ProQ Rib Rack
In Stock (4 pcs)
680 Kč

The ProQ Rib Rack is a stainless steel rack which triples cooking capacity allowing smoke, steam and heat to cook your ribs evenly.

Code: 64
ProQ Stainless Steel Smoker Basket For Hot and Cold Smoking 1080x
680 Kč

The ProQ Smoker Basket is a unique basket weave that prevents food from falling through the cooking grill.

Code: 178
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