Muratie Alberta Annamarie Merlot 2018

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Brand: Muratie

A fine and balanced merlot with an attractive charisma and aromas of plums, cherries, cocoa, cinnamon and hazelnut.
Vintage 2018
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Muratie Alberta Annamarie Merlot 2018
1 rating
Brand: Muratie
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Smelling of juicy ripe plums when young, this wine has complex layers of cherry, cocoa, cinnamon and roasted hazelnut density (from 16 months in French oak barrels), which come to the fore over time.

Its appealing sweetness and full rich taste it is balanced by fresh acidity and a pinch of herbal mix.

The artist George Paul Canitz was riding with his daughter Alberta Annemarie when they discovered Muratie quite by accident.

Both immediately they fell in love with the farm, which in due course George bought, and when he left the farm to Alberta, making the owner one of the first women, wine farms in South Africa. A fiercely independent Alberta, she kept Muratie exactly as her father had left him and rode into her 80s, she eventually stopped, insisting that it was 'because the horse is too old'.

Just as good wine improves with age, so did Alberta Annemarie.

This Merlot was created with the potential to become more and more characterful over time, which is a fitting tribute to this wine.


The wine was aged in French oak barrels for 16 months.


Crafted sensitively and delicately to make it easy to drink straight away, yet has plenty of character and plenty of length

with a smooth finish that won't disappoint even those who store it in the cellar for the next 5 years.



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