Crown National

Superior products and equipment for your kitchen.

With a trading history dating back more than 110 years to the Newtown Tin Works in Johannesburg,

Crown National is a leading supplier of spices and other food ingredients in Southern Africa.


We take a great pride in our heritage and look to combine this with the best of present day technologies to

provide a unique vision of our markets - a vision which involves the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise.

We are at the forefront of technological advancement, innovative thinking, and new-to-market products that

keep up with the latest in industry trends.


Through our long-standing history and strong reputation based on credibility, quality products and service excellence,

our philosophy ensures that our customers are provided with high levels of service and technical expertise.

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spicemeat CN
59 Kč
85 Kč (–30 %)

 This Spice-O-Mat is an aromatic blend that you can add to all your favorite cooking creations.

Code: 373
Great chicken CN
85 Kč

Popular seasoning for chicken in a practical spice rack from the South African company Crown National.

Code: 349
85 Kč

SOUTH AFRICAN SIGNATURE BLEND – Delight your taste buds with the rich, beefy flavors of South Africa with Crown National Safari biltong seasoning. A delicious spice seasoning...

Code: 1324
crown six gun grill spice
85 Kč

Beloved South African blend of spices that is best enjoyed with stews, chickens and grilled meat.

Code: 367
Periperi CN
90 Kč

Try this tantalizing spice with chilli and a hint of the Portuguese islands and spice up your food flavours.

Code: 379
Meister sriracha shaker 100g
90 Kč

An enticing blend of tangy sweet and spicy flavours, topped with hints of garlic.

Code: 1330
Texas steak CN
92 Kč

Perfectly balanced seasoning for your steak or meat on the grill! Right from South Africa!

Code: 376
Braai Spice Seasoning min 1024x1024
119 Kč

Add flavour to your braai meat. Spicy with a peppery bite, perfect for any braai occasion. Authentic Southern African spices and seasoning imported from the most southern tip...

Code: 1327
Crown national worcester sprinkle 200g handipack
119 Kč

Add that original Worcester sauce flavor to your food with Crown National's Worcester Sauce Sprinkle. Worcester Sauce Sprinkle is ideal for grilled beef, chicken, lamb as well...

Code: 1348
six gun seasoning cn
129 Kč

Beloved South African blend of spices that is best enjoyed with stews, chickens and grilled meat. Bigger economic size: 200g

Code: 355
bbq with garlic
129 Kč
Code: 1345
CN Safari Biltong Spice 200
129 Kč

An original blend of spices with a traditional taste, which is used to make Biltong dried meat. An excellent mixture for grilling and any kind of food preparation.

Code: 793
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