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The secret of good BBQ grill and smokehouse design revolves around several key principles:

  • In-Direct Heat - the ability to protect your food from the direct heat of a burning fuel (whether charcoal or wood).
  • Consistent cooking temperature - it is essential that the BBQ grill has the ability to maintain stable cooking temperatures. For Low'n Slow, ideally between 95 ° C - 120 ° C (200 ° F - 250 ° F).
  • Fuel efficiency - as the name suggests, cooking a Low'n Slow BBQ takes a long time. A good BBQ grill will be specially designed so that your charcoal lasts a long time while retaining enough heat needed for cooking. Beware of cheap charcoal, it often generates too much smoke or burns very quickly. The importance of quality charcoal is crucial.
  • Ability to control airflow - The airflow in the smokehouse must be just enough - enough air to burn your fuel evenly and consistently for a long time without having to constantly refill the charcoal basket. Too much air - BBQ smokehouse burns too quickly (and generates too much heat). Too little air - creates pungent smoke and eventually extinguishes your fire, resulting in undercooked food!
  • Designed to last - to achieve an authentic barbecue, your grill and smokehouse will often have to sit outside for up to 16 hours during a classic longer barbecue or cold smoking. This means that good BBQs must be designed to withstand the elements. ProQ grills and smokehouses are made using first-class corrosion-resistant components that can withstand even the harshest conditions (production is based in Cornwall, UK, so conditions are tested to the maximum!). 


ProQ frontier



On a regular cauldron BBQ or gas grill, it is very difficult, some say impossible, to achieve authentic tasty Low'n Slow style smoked food - they are simply not designed for this purpose. This is where BBQ Smokers grills and smokehouses enter the scene. Although many BBQ smokehouses will look and work differently, they are all designed to achieve this specific style of BBQ cooking.

If you are interested in trying the authentic BBQ style, then the ProQ Smokers grill and smokehouse is an essential tool for this job. It's great fun that is extremely rewarding and the food tastes amazing. Just choose your recipe and your favorite wood for smoking and you're ready to go. The joy of using a good BBQ smokehouse is that it can be left unattended (in a safe place!) For hours - so you can continue the rest of the day and eagerly expect delicious, smoked, juicy and delicate food! Yum!


ProQ Smokers - grills and smokehouses have earned a great reputation for quality, versatility and innovation.

Get inspired and enjoy stylish outdoor food preparation that will delight your guests

and especially your taste buds. 



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The Flip’n Grate grill is a unique stainless steel grilling tool, designed to transform the way you cook on your barbecue or campfire.  

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The Flip’n Grate grill is a unique stainless steel grilling tool, designed to transform the way you cook on your barbecue or campfire.

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ProQFlatdog FlatdogCarryBag WEB 1080x
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The ProQ Flatdog is the ultimate fold-flat portable charcoal bbq! It’s re-usable, high quality and best of all... It works really well! SPECIAL OFFER: IT COMES WITH AN ELEGANT...

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The ProQ Ranger is our smallest BBQ Smoker and the ideal choice if you’re a beginner. Our Ranger is the perfect BBQ for the patio cook and is sure to inspire! Completely...

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The mid-size Frontier is our best-selling charcoal BBQ Smoker. It is big enough to feed a crowd, but small enough to be portable, easy to store and suitable for smaller garden...

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ProQExcel Gril
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The Excel is our biggest modular BBQ Smoker with a colossal 30kg of cooking capacity. Much loved by professional chefs and top BBQ competition teams around the globe, the Excel...

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