About Braai Lapa

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Braai Lapa is the project of a passion for great food, wine, friends and tradition.
It was started by a South African pilot - Dirk Grobler who married a Czech woman from Moravia 10 years ago. Our story began many years back in Hong Kong, when between flying around the world there was always time for BRAAI,
good quality food, delicious wine and
hanging out with friends, creating that friendly relaxed atmosphere. Over the years, a lot has changed on the ground and in the air. But the tradition of meeting by the fire and just enjoying the present
with wine and good food has remained. Actually it has become even more important. After all, these little moments nurture
us the most! When fate finally took us back to Czech Republic, it was very quickly clear that we would create the South African atmosphere here

in Czech Republic as well. Braail Lapa is more than an eshop or a job. We wanted to share the one thing that always brought joy to all people, whether we were in Asia, Africa or the Czech Republic.

Braai Lapa represents the power of tradition, community and the joy of sharing across cultures.

In South Africa, there is no really traditional dish but rather a traditional food preparation - on fire.
Since the food is prepared on the fire regularly, even small boys have an idea how to do it.

Fire unites people, and preparing food on fire is a popular social tradition.



What is the difference between BBQ and braai?

The main difference between braai and BBQ is the fire, which is not only for grilling great food, but mainly as an element

that connects people and creates a unique social atmosphere.

Guests gather and enjoy braai from prepairing the fire, grilling, tasting great food to drinking and sharing their stories.

The fire remains lit for the duration of the braai.


is also not considered braai if it is prepared on a gas grill. 

Braai is a true South African tradition.

Regardless of language, race or culture, the love of cooking on a wooden fire is something that all South Africans share. 


It is an entertainment outdoor place where people gather and enjoy braai.

The structure usually consists of a thatched roof supported by wooden poles, which creates an open-side closure.

The word lapa comes from the Sesotho word for "homestead" or "court."