COBB Premier Air Deluxe

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Brand: COBB

Portable stainless steel table grill for balcony, terrace, for holidays, for fishermen or for camping.
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COBB Premier Air Deluxe
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Brand: COBB
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The elegant portable charcoal and briquette grill is made of the highest quality stainless steel resistant to corrosion and weathering.

On this grill you can not only grill, but also cook, stew, smoke and even bake bread or pizza.

The grill consumes a minimum of fuel and grills without the formation of flames and smoke, and you can safely use it anywhere - 
on the balcony, on the terrace, in the park or directly on the camping table. Also an ideal solution for a holiday, fish, picnic or party with friends. The COBB grill is ready to grill in a few minutes, and although it is possible to reach an internal temperature of up to 300 ° C,
it remains cool to the touch due to its unique design and you can carry it wherever you need it during grilling. Ventilation openings on the top of the cover allow air flow to be regulated. The COBB Premier Air Deluxe grill comes with a Griddle + grill plate. The hob has higher grooves for a more pronounced grilling pattern on the meat.
The aluminum body ensures high heat and optimal heat distribution. The hob has a non-stick surface, so the meat does not stick. You can use Cobblestone briquettes or regular briquettes or charcoal for grilling.




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