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V L Jess NV
250 Kč

Jess rosé is fresh light body wine bursting with aromas and is characterised by its crisp style and fruity palate. It is very popular for its delicacy and sophistication.  

Code: 226
V L Anni Elgin Sauv Blanc NV
260 Kč

Delicious Sauvignon Blanc with a balanced taste and a soft finish.

Code: 223
V L White Mischief NV
270 Kč

A unique mischievously mixed mixture of 6 varieties of white wine with a harmonious taste full of tropical fruit and floral notes.Vintage 2021.

Code: 229
280 Kč

A delicate merlot with aromas of cherries, raspberries and a light earthiness, which you will love for its pleasant character.

Code: 247
Ella Red Blend 2018 by Vrede en Lust 1
350 Kč

A seductive Rhône blend of red wine with a delicious aroma of red fruit and hints of spice.

Code: 241
Lady J Syrah 2017 by Vrede en Lust 1
365 Kč

A very popular wine with a smoky taste supported by the aroma of red fruit and with an excellent rating.

Code: 244
VL Kogelberg Chenin Blanc
380 Kč

A popular white wine that has a full fruit-honey flavor with citrus aromas.Vintage 2019

Code: 232
390 Kč

An elegant chardonnay full of complex fruit flavor with a touch of creamy caramel.

Code: 235
Vrede En Lust Malbec 750ml
Vrede en Lust Malbec 2021
In Stock (>5 pcs)
420 Kč

100% malbec velvety fruity taste with medium body

Code: 238
boet erasmus
540 Kč

Boet Erasmus is a luxurious blend of five Bordeaux-style red wine varieties  filled with ripe, rich fruit and spices with a long finish. Vintage 2017

Code: 250

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