ProQ Ulti-Mitt BBQ gloves

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Brand: ProQ

Our ProQ Ulti-Mitt BBQ gloves have five fingers for dexterity and are made from Nomex® which provides unbeatable heat protection and they’re cotton lined for comfort.

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ProQ Ulti-Mitt BBQ gloves
Not rated
Brand: ProQ

ProQ Ulti-Mitts have great flexibility, combined with high heat resistance and non-slip silicone lines make them some of the best barbecue mitts available.

  • Made from aramid fibres (Nomex®) with a cotton lining, these mitts are built for comfort
  • Our Ulti-Mitts have unbeatable dexterity due to the soft lining on the gloves
  • ProQ BBQ Gloves are interchangeable and can be used left or right handed
  • Our barbecue mitts have high heat silicon pattern that avoids slipping
  • Perfect for handling hot barbecues, grills, and they can even be used in the kitchen
Materials: Nomex, Cotton, Silicone¨
Package: 1 piece
Do not use when the glove is wet!

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