Crown National Safari 200g Handipack

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An original blend of spices with a traditional taste, which is used to make Biltong dried meat.

An excellent mixture for grilling and any kind of food preparation.

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Crown National Safari 200g Handipack
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Crown National Safari Seasoning Blend is one of the most popular seasonings for 
making dried meat biltong in South Africa. Safari Biltong Seasoning 200g with its notes of beef and coriander is great for BBQ - braais and stews, where it creates the perfect subtle, old-fashioned flavor of biltong.
Recipe for Biltong: Cut the meat into thin strips and store in a suitable container. Drizzle with vinegar Rub the meat with 40-50g of Biltong seasoning per 1kg of meat. Store overnight in the refrigerator. Hang in the dryer, dry at 30°C until desired dryness (around 50°C % weight loss)
Ingredients: Aroma (salt, corn, flavor enhancer E621, E631, E627, sugar, dyes E150, E153, hydrogenated vegetable oil, anti-caking agent E551, acidulants E363, E330, spice extracts, spices, spices E5, vegetables A36il, E566, E330, Spice extract, Spices, Vegetable oil, Maltodextrin, Herbs, Preservatives E202, E224, Aroma, Emulsifiers E339, E435, Modified starch E1450, Antioxidants E320, E321, E319, Preservative, garlic, Spices, Preservative, garlic, spices (1.5%): Potassium sorbate (E202)
Size: 200g Made in: South Africa

exp date :04/06/2025

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Jihoafrická firma s kořením a omáčkami pro grilování a přípravu jídla nejen pro profesionály