Yaxell RAN PLUS Santoku knife

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Brand: Yaxell

RAN PLUS Santoku was in a German independent consumer test
four times in a row declared the best knife on the market!
A knife with a wide blade for vegetables, meat and fish.
Blade length: 165 mm
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Yaxell RAN PLUS Santoku knife
Not rated
Brand: Yaxell
533 3 santoku nuz roku

RAN PLUS Santoku knife is intended not only for lovers of Asian cuisine. 
The word "Santoku" means three virtues or three arts in Japanese.
The Santoku knife with a very wide blade easily copes with cutting into the thinnest slices, dicing and chopping.
The very sharp and smooth blade cuts meat, fruit and vegetables extremely well,
in order to prevent juice leakage as much as possible. Description: The blade consists of 69 layers of Damascus steel with an enormously durable VG 10 stainless steel core
with a hardness of HRC 60-61.
The blade is decorated with a hand-forged logo. The handle is made of black canvas micarta, with a wax cast stainless steel handle inside.
The ergonomically shaped micarta handle is comfortable to hold and does not slip when wet.
The end of the handle and guard made of 18/10 stainless steel and the strong, durable design guarantee high durability.
The end of the RAN PLUS knife handle is decorated with a hand-forged logo. Use and care: Use knives only on a cutting board, preferably made of wood or plastic. Knives are not intended for cutting meat with bones. Do not use the knife to cut frozen food either. Clean the knife with lukewarm, not hot, water and a mild detergent. Do not wash the knives in the dishwasher. Always store knives out of reach of children. RAN PLUS Santoku has been named the best knife on the market for the 40th time in a row
in a German independent consumer test. Packaging: Each knife comes in a gift box, which also ensures that the knife is not damaged during delivery. Guarantee: 20 years

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Warranty: 20 years