Six Gun omáčka

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The most popular barbecue spice blend that goes with just about everything!

Six Gun Grill sauce & marinade is the perfect grill partner and will enhance any dish with its unique grill flavour.

BB 28/08/2024

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Six Gun omáčka
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Take your food to the next level!
Crown National's best-selling Six Gun Grill Sauce goes fantastically well with almost every meal.
This sauce is a well-balanced blend of herbs and spices and is ideal for grilled beef, chicken and lamb, as well as potjies,
minced meat and stews.

water, chutney, spirit vinegar, vegetable oil, modified corn starch, dried tomato, salt, spices, herbs (onion), extracts (celery), aroma, wheat protein,
dehydrated vegetable oil, dextrose, sugar, anti-caking agent, herbs, thickener, yeast extract, preservatives, color, flavor enhancer.

Allergens: celery, soy and wheat gluten

Country of origin: South Africa

Size: 375ml

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Jihoafrická firma s kořením a omáčkami pro grilování a přípravu jídla nejen pro profesionály