Savanna Dry 6 pack

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Savanna Dry is a POPULAR pioneering dry cider from South Africa that led the way back in 1996 with classic, crisp flavours.

Made from 100% Elgin Apples grown in the Western Cape.


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Savanna Dry 6 pack
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This refreshing cider offers a dry but cool drink experience, perfect for sharing on a Summer’s day or winding down in the evening.

Known as one of the best South African ciders, Savanna is established as an innovative, premium brand, a step away from the traditional Cider marketplace.

This South African cider is best served with a lemon wedge in the neck, creating the famous ‘Savanna Experience’.

Ingredients: Fermented apple juice, sugar, apple juice concentrate, citric acid, apple juice concentrate (for coloring purposes)
Contains sulfites

Size: 33Oml

Country of origin: South Africa

Alcohol: 6%