ProQ Smoke Wood Dust Oak

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Brand: ProQ

ProQ Smoking Wood Dust is very high quality, 100% natural and sustainably sourced - ensuring you get the best smoke, every time.

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ProQ Smoke Wood Dust Oak
Not rated
Brand: ProQ

Smoking wood dust is used to create beautiful aromatic flavours when cold smoking foods such as cheese, fish, ham, bacon, butter, salt & garlic.

The wood dust is finely milled to work perfectly in our patented ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and is also compatible with other cold smoker brands.

  • Our wood is bark free which ensures no impurities and a clean, flavourful smoke for your food
  • Each bag contains around 1.2L of our premium wood dust, with pack size options available to suit
  • We have a wide range of woods to suit your cold smoking needs, check out our tasting guide!
  • Having trouble deciding which flavour? Try our ProQ Variety Pack of 5 different woods


Clean flavours from a variety of woods, bark free and 100% natural

We only use sustainably sourced wood

350ml of dust produces cool, clean smoke for up to 10 hours

Several varieties and pack sizes to suit your needs

Bags packed to around 1.2L, dependant on wood density