ProQ Eco Smoker Box

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Brand: ProQ

The ProQ Eco Smoker Box paired with our ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is a perfect way to start cold smoking. It’s reusable, recyclable and remarkably easy to set up.

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ProQ Eco Smoker Box
Not rated
Brand: ProQ

Our Eco Smoker Box makes for a great gift and will let you smoke anything from salmon and bacon to cheese, butter and nuts. It's the cheese smoker box you never knew you needed!

This eco-friendly cardboard cold smoker is the best place to start your cold smoking adventure.

  • Made from 90% recyclable material, the ProQ Eco smoker is an environmentally friendly cold smoking cabinet, perfect for starting out
  • The ProQ Eco Smoker includes 3 wire grills and 2 trays, one to place the Cold Smoke Generator on, and a drip tray
  • Completely reusable, the ProQ Eco Smoker can be used over and over – it will last as long as it’s kept dry
  • This cardboard cold smoker is easy to assemble and comes completely flat packed, simply unfold, slot together and pop the grills & trays in

Dimensions: 290 x 290 x 550mm

Weight: 2.2KG

Compatible with ProQ Original (Small) Cold Smoke Generator Only

Grill Size: 270 x 265mm

Grills: 2

Capacity: 1 side of Salmon or 2kg of bacon

Materials: Cardboard, stainless steel grills, galvanised trays


What is in the box:

- Cardboard Smoking Chamber

- 3 x Food Grates

- 2 x Trays


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Weight: 2.2 kg