Mrs Balls chutney Jalapeño sauce

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A popular sweet and sour sauce based on a traditional South African recipe with jalapeño flavour.

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Mrs Balls chutney Jalapeño sauce
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Traditional chutney made from first-class South African peaches and apricots with jalapeño flavour will give your dishes the right hot taste.
It goes best with spicy dishes, strong cheeses and is also great in sandwiches.

cane sugar, water, vinegar, jalapeños (minimum 12%), mixed dried fruit (minimum 6.8%) (nectarines, pears, apple rings), tapioca starch (E1422) , salt (non-iodized), dehydrated onion (irradiated) 
(contains sulfur dioxide), aroma, spices, color (E150). Allergen: Sulfur dioxide Storage: Keep cool and dry and refrigerate after opening! May contain milk, egg, soy and gluten. Country of origin: South Africa Weight: 470g

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