Montagu Cling Peeled Peach 250g

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Brand: Montagu

Montagu's dried peaches are clingstone peaches hence the name “Yellow Cling” Peeled Peaches. Peaches are deliciously sweet and chewy with no sugar added.


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Montagu Cling Peeled Peach 250g
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Brand: Montagu
Montagu Cling Peaches
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Montague peaches are delicious snack that you can enjoy and support your modern lifestyle.


Ingredients: Yellow Cling Peach ,(Sulphur dioxide [E220])

Alergens: Sulphur dioxide

May contain peanuts and tree nuts.

Warning: May contain pieces of fruit pips

Product of South Africa


1.This product is commercially prepared: cooked or heat treated to render the contents sterile and free of contamination.
2.This product is retail packaged. Hot sealed film Size / Weight: 100 g

3.This product is fit for human consumption and does not contain ingredients of animal, plant, or microbial origin other than in highly processed and purified form.


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