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105:6 LidLifter
LK-105/6 – Lid Lifter
In Stock (>5 pcs)
119 Kč

Used to lift hot potjie lid safely & securely Code: 105/6Material: Chrome Plated Mild SteelSize: 240mm

Code: 424
105:2 CoalScoop
LK-105/2 – Coal Scoop
In Stock (>5 pcs)
279 Kč

A mild steel scoop for moving warm coals that will help you when you grill with the charcoal or wood.

Code: 418
101:3 Tong Long
289 Kč

Long tongs for braai and around the fire.  

Code: 403
LK-122/27 – Backpacker Tripod
299 Kč

This backpacker tripod is an easy solution to hold your grill grid on any fire - at home or while you travel.

Code: 442
101:4 Tong XL
310 Kč

Extra long tongs to help you turn around meat on a big fire. 

Code: 406
102:7 Tongs Salad
329 Kč

Great tool for dishing up your meat, salad or pasta smoothly!  

Code: 409
105:3 Dustpan
LK-105/3 – Dust Pan
In Stock (4 pcs)
329 Kč

Code: 105/3Material: Mild SteelSize: 330mm

Code: 421
105:75 Thermometer
369 Kč

A practical and simple meat thermometer from the South African company LK.    

Code: 430
LK-126/50 – Dop Stok
LK-126/50 – Dop Stok
In Stock (>5 pcs)
399 Kč

Effective and practical stand next to your chair for any occasion!  

Code: 505
LK-122/24 – Multi Stand Rectangular
459 Kč

A multifunctional stand that you must have! For various grids, pots and pans on an open fire.  

Code: 439
LK-122/34 – Drumstick Rack
490 Kč

Very practical rack holder for your chicken legs and other pieces of food!  

Code: 532
105:55 Wire brush
529 Kč

Perfect wire brush for your grill grids!  

Code: 433
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