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Jimmys Steakhouse
Jimmys Steakhouse Sauce
In Stock (>5 pcs)
119 Kč

Jimmy’s Steakhouse Sauce is well known as the braai companion which goes with any meal especially on a grill.

Code: 388
Jimmys Peri peri
129 Kč

Jimmy's favorite sauce with a subtle Peri Peri flavor that goes well with any meal.

Code: 394
Jimmys sweet chilli
Jimmys Sweet Chilli Sauce
In Stock (>5 pcs)
129 Kč

One of the top selling Jimmy's sauces will add a delicious sweet chilli flavour to any of your dishes.

Code: 391
Jimmys smokey bbq
189 Kč

A tasty barbeque sauce that goes well with any sort of meat and adds delicious smokey flavours.

Code: 382

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